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Enclosure Services Prevent Damage From Crawlspace Moisture

The experts at Right Brothers Heating & Air, LLC know that crawlspace moisture plagues Eastern North Carolina homeowners. The damages caused by damp crawlspaces can ruin your home if it gets bad enough. Crawlspace enclosure is a service we offer to help you control the water and humidity gathered in the crawlspace underneath your house. We can develop a plan for managing the moisture based on the extent of the situation and install all the necessary insulation, ventilation, and dehumidifiers. We can also help establish a new crawlspace access door to help make your crawlspace more accessible in the future. Call us or schedule a booking online now.

Crawl Space Mold Side

The Dangers of Crawlspace Damage in Eastern North Carolina

It may seem like a mild threat, but the dangers of crawlspace moisture can be catastrophic. Humidity likes to settle into the lowest part of your house, your crawlspace. When it’s left there, or even worse, heated up, it causes rotting, mold, and other sources of decay in the foundation of your house. Standing water and humidity also attract many different pests that you don’t want to have lived under you. We have several solutions that will address your exact problems. We can provide complete encapsulation or just a new plastic ground covering. Whatever the job, you can be sure it will be done right.

Right Brothers’ Crawlspace Enclosure Services

Once we have assessed your house and understood your goals for eliminating crawlspace moisture, you can select options that fit your circumstances best. Insulation will provide you with a barrier around things that might be susceptible to water damage. Ventilation allows increased airflow that prevents air from getting stagnant, which encourages humidity to accumulate. Devices like dehumidifiers actively remove the moisture from the air in your crawlspace.

Our Most Common Crawlspace Services

Some of our most common crawlspace services are:

  • Vapor barrier installation
  • Floor insulation
  • Crawlspace dehumidification and conditioning
  • Foundation vents
  • Crawlspace access doors

Feel the Relief of Being Free From Crawlspace Moisture

Protecting your crawlspace can prevent you from making costly repairs in the future and save you a lot of headaches. Your crawlspace can be more than a damp and filthy mess. We provide crawlspace enclosure services to stop the damages posed by crawlspace moisture. The worst part about damage caused by crawlspace moisture is that you might not even know it is happening until after extensive damage has occurred. By contacting Right Brothers Heating & Air, LLC and getting a consultation, you can have the peace of mind that your house is sitting on a solid and dry foundation.

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