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Ductless System Options for Eastern North Carolina

Right Brothers Heating & Air, LLC has ductless systems for people in Eastern North Carolina that may not have or need the space for bulky ductwork. A ductless system is a practical option for heating and cooling in a confined space, like an apartment. Ductless systems come in different makeups, but they are often stand-alone or wall-mounted units that require no ductwork for their installation. The old-school version of ductless cooling was the window-mounted air-conditioner, but ductless heating and cooling have come a long way since then.

HVAC technician checking the air conditioner

Ductless Wall Mounted Units

Wall-mounted heating and cooling units are an affordable and efficient option. These units, often called mini-splits, are installed into or mounted onto your wall. The heating or cooling component has a conductor that gets hot or cold. Air gets sucked into the unit, blown over a conductor, and returned at the desired temperature back into the room. Places like apartments and hotels often opt for this style of heating and cooling because it gives the user maximum control over the temperature in their room.

Ductless Floor Mounted Units

Floor-mounted heating and cooling units are similar to other ductless systems like wall-mounted units. They function by blowing air over a heating or cooling component. Rather than being mounted on a wall, these are mounted at floor level, often under a window. Floor-mounted units have the benefit of letting the user change the temperature just in their immediate area. Having control over the temperature in your room gives you a great deal of power over your comfort.

Slim Duct Units

Slim duct heating and cooling units can be installed so that they are flush with your wall, making them look like any other vent in your house. These units bring in the temperature-controlled fresh air and circulate it around your home. They can provide hot or cool air and are ideal for smaller spaces. Once installed, the clean look of the unit is one of its prime advantages over the other ductless options.

Compact Ceiling Cassettes

The most spatially conservative option among ductless systems is the compact ceiling cassette. This type of unit is installed in the ceiling and looks like a ceiling fan or vent. Ceiling cassettes can also provide a room with heat and cooling controls. These units are also very energy efficient and give you maximum control over specific areas even within one space.

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