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Repairs and Installations in Eastern North Carolina

Right Brothers Heating & Air, LLC offers Eastern North Carolina repair and installation services for either heating or cooling. Most of the heating and cooling work falls into one of two categories: repair or installation. You don’t always know which one you need when you first call us. It doesn’t matter, though. If something breaks, we’ll come out, find out what the problem is, and help you figure out your options. We can perform them quickly and at a fair price. If you need a new unit installed, we can handle it all. We can even arrange a financing plan for certain expensive repairs and installations.

Electrician checking the air conditioner

Repairs and Installations Start With Thorough Diagnostics

Every good repair or installation starts with a thorough and detailed diagnostic inspection. Many heating and air companies are less vigorous in their diagnostic assessments because they are happy to tell you that you just need to buy a whole new unit. Right Brothers Heating & Air, LLC makes every effort to provide you with a complete picture of the problem and the range of solutions at your disposal. To do it right, you need to have options.

Happy family seating on a couch

Right Brothers Heating & Air, LLC’s Expert Installations

Sometimes it’s time to upgrade to a better heating or cooling unit. Whether you need a more powerful air conditioner or a more efficient furnace, we can help you select a suitable unit and install it for you. It’s very overwhelming to pick out a brand and a type of unit. We will guide you through that process in a way that takes your entire house into account. We like to think of your heating and cooling ecosystem as one comfort system.

Heating & Cooling Installations Done Right

We have a secure process that ensures the proper installation of your new unit. First, we do a load calculation, where we measure your space and figure out which unit will best fit. We handle any permits that might need to be obtained. We have a trained team of installation experts that undergo routine continuing education. A few days after the installation, a technician will return to the installation site and check in to ensure everything is working correctly. Additionally, all new installations come with a free year of our VIP Maintenance Plan.

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